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Billingsgate Fish Market, located in east London, is the United Kingdom's largest inland fish market. An average of 25,000 tonnes of seafood products are sold through its merchants each year. The Market complex covers an area of 13 acres and is entirely self-contained. The ground floor of the building comprises a large trading hall with 98 stands and 30 shops, including two cafes; a number of individual cold rooms; a 1,500 tonne freezer store; an ice making plant and 14 lock-up shops used by processors, catering suppliers and merchants dealing primarily in trade sundries, non-perishables, poultry and potatoes.

Christmas & New Year Market Open & Closed Times

Day Date Status
Monday 22nd Dec 2014 Open
Tuesday 23rd Dec 2014 Open
Wednesday 24th Dec 2014 Open
Thursday 25th Dec 2014 Closed
Friday 26th Dec 2014 Closed
Saturday 27th Dec 2014 Closed
Sunday 28th Dec 2014 Closed
Monday 29th Dec 2014 Closed
Tuesday 30th Dec 2014 Open
Wednesday 31st Dec 2014 Open
Thursday 1st Jan 2015 Closed
Friday 2nd Jan 2015 Closed
Saturday 3rd Jan 2015 Open